EDDMapS Alaska - Early Detection Reporting Form

Special opportunity to report of spotted knapweed, purple loosestrife, giant hogweed, leafy spurge or smooth cordgrass.

If you think you have spotted an infestation of one of these five species, provide as much of the information described on this form as possible. Please provide pictures if possible. We will document the occurrence, and have the plant professionally identified and controlled if possible.

Personal Information

Information provided will only be used to contact the reporter for additional information about the sighting.

Phone Number:

Weed/s Sighted

Place an 'X' next to the species of weed you believe you have sighted. The "other" box allows you to report sightings of other species that are of special concern to you.

Weeds: spotted knapweed
purple loosestrife
giant hogweed
leafy spurge
smooth cordgrass
Other(s) (please specify)

Infestation Description

Place an “X” next to the categories for each descriptor of the number of individual weeds. Please include units (e.g. feet squared, acres etc.) when describing the estimated size of the infestation. Place an “X” next to the Plant Description that best describes the life stage of the plants. The information here will help land managers determine how much time they have to prevent the plants from spreading.

Est. Number of Individual Weeds: 1-5 6-25 26-50
51-150 151-500 500+
Number of patches of weeds in the infestation: 1 2-5 6-10 10 or more
Estimated Size of Weed Infestation:
Plant Description: Seedling Vegetative Flowering
Seeds spreading Unknown

Local description

Name of park, neighborhood, street where the weeds are located or adjacent to. Road mile, and GPS coordinates (identify the datum used). Information provided should identify key features of the surrounding area. We need enough detail to find the infestation again. This can be very difficult, so please provide as detailed information as possible.

Location Description:
Must be expressed in Decimal Degrees.
Must be expressed in Decimal Degrees.

Don't know the GPS coordinates of your weed sighting? You can determine them here!
Datum: Use NAD83 if you Choose the Location using the Tools above.

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