rough mannagrass

Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmb.

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Record ID:1975426
Location:Lake County, Illinois
Source:Debbie Maurer, Lake County Forest Preserve District
Project:New Invaders Watch Program
Site:Illinois Beach State Park
Abundance:Dominant cover
Locality:Illinois Beach State Park South Unit; Follow entrance road right at split a park on east side of the road adjacent to the wooded area. Walk in the south side of the wooded area intot he cattails. Can be seen from an aerial photo - large circular clone. Landmark: IBSP South unit entrance road. Land use: Park/Natural Area. Typha angustifolia, scirpus acutus
Comments:8/27/2012 (NIIPP): Population chemically treated in 2008, 2011 and 2012. Property Owners ID: 4
Gross Area:73984 square feet
Coordinates:42.4284, -87.8136
Ownership:Illinois Department of Natural Resources of Lake County
Method:Google Earth
Identification Credibility:Verified
Disturbance:Possible old ComEd Line
Observation DateJuly 22, 2008
Date EnteredJuly 28, 2008
Validator: Edward DeWalt
Validation Date::July 28, 2008
Verification Method: Digital Images. Thanks Debbie.
Date Updated: August 30, 2012
Updated By: Catherine McGlynn,
Source Type: Joint Federal/State/County

Photo By: Debbie Maurer Photo By: Debbie Maurer
Photo Caption: Population Photo Caption: Seed Head
Photo By: Debbie Maurer Photo By: Debbie Maurer
Photo Caption: Roots Photo Caption: Stem
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