African redhead agama

Agama agama africana (Hallowell 1844)

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Record ID:2278845
Location:Martin County, Florida
Source:FWCC Exotic Species Database, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Project:EDDMapS Florida
Locality:Palm City, NW corner of SW Martin Hwy and SW Martin Downs Blvd
Comments:2 red-headed agamas were seen in the parking lot of a Shell station (around 6:30 pm). Reporter is a nusiance wildlife trapper and gave an accurate description of Agama agama.
Coordinates:27.16173, -80.30122
Method:ArcGIS 9.x
Data Type:Point Record
Identification Credibility:Verified
Observation DateMay 16, 2012
Date EnteredJune 5, 2012
Reference:Personal Communication
FWC Observation ID: 39253
Number Collected: 2
Verification Method: Expertise
Year Accuracy: Actual
Source Type: State Agency
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