black and white tegu

Tupinambis merianae Linnaeus, 1758

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Record ID:2411206
Location:Miami-Dade County, Florida
Source:FWCC Exotic Species Database, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Project:EDDMapS Florida
Locality:Miami-Dade County, SW 424th St appx 820 m E of C-110
Comments:Two tegus seen sunning in the district road @ 2.5 ft long. Darted into vegetation on side when approached by car.
Coordinates:25.37467, -80.48476
Data Type:Point Record
Herbarium:Florida Museum of Natural History Herpetology Collection - Record ID: UF 168027
Identification Credibility:Verified
Observation DateJune 26, 2012
Date EnteredAugust 2, 2012
Reference:Liz Barraco, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, personal communication
FWC Observation ID: 39532
Number Collected: 2
Verification Method: Voucher Photographs
Year Accuracy: Actual
Source Type: State Agency

Photo By: Liz Barraco, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
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