Mayan cichlid

Cichlasoma urophthalma (G√ľnther, 1862)

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Record ID:3044650
Location:Broward County, Florida
Source:Nicholas Chandler
Project:EDDMapS Florida
Habitat:Aquatic: Freshwater
Locality:Canal vicinity of 8591 NW 26th Pl, Sunrise
Comments:a fish that looks like a peacock bass, but is much smaller and has a very toothy mouth. there are many of them in the canal I live on, I've seen t adults guarding 1000's of fry. could be a cichlid or Oscar? I live at 8591 nw 26th pl sunrise,fl. I also have a live one in a bucket right now.
Coordinates:26.15854, -80.26439
Data Type:Point Record
Identified by:Nicholas Chandler
Herbarium:Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Exotic Species Database
Identification Credibility:Verified
Observation DateJuly 1, 2013
Date EnteredJuly 1, 2013
Reference:Personal Communication
Validator: Larry Connor, FWCC
Validation Date::July 1, 2013
FWC Observation ID: 42223
Verification Method: Voucher Photographs
Year Accuracy: Actual
Date Updated: August 6, 2013
Updated By: FWCC Exotic Species Database, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Source Type: State Agency

Photo Caption: side image Photo Caption: toothy, mouth very sharp teeth
Photo Caption: size
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