Early Detection Species (Scientific Names)

Early Detection

Early Detection List
(Alphabetical by Scientific Name)

This is a list of Early Detection Species (EDS) for New England. This list is not meant to imply that all these species are EDS for each state. Rather, the Table by States and Life Forms depicts which should be considered as EDS in each state. It is based on the biological potential of the species for widespread invasions into areas where it is not currently known. The list has been generated from a variety of different sources including herbarium specimens, published lists, literature, federal and state early detection efforts and the observations of numerous botanists and naturalists. The list is available in both scientific and common names. See Catalog for habitat information. Nomenclature is according to ITIS, the Integrated Taxonomic Information System. This list supersedes all previous lists. Newly discovered incursions of any of these species in states with fewer than 3 known occurrences should be reported immediately.

Ailanthus altissima (Miller) Swingle Tree-of-heaven
Aira caryophyllea L. Silver hairgrass
Akebia quinata (Houtt.) Dcne. Chocolate vine
Arthraxon hispidus (Thunb.) Makino Hairy jointgrass
Butomus umbellatus L. Flowering-rush
Cabomba caroliniana A. Gray Fanwort
Callitriche stagnalis Scop. Pond water-starwort
Cardamine impatiens L. Narrowleaf bittercress
Carex kobomugi Ohwi Japanese sedge
Cirsium palustre (L.) Scop. Marsh thistle
Clematis terniflora DC. Sweet autumn clematis
Cynanchum rossicum (Kleo.) Barbarich Pale swallow-wort or European swallow-wort
Egeria densa Planchon Brazilian water-weed
Eichhornia crassipes (Mart.) Solms Water Hyacinth
Elsholtzia cilitata (Thunb.) Hylander Crested late-summer mint
Festuca filiformis Pourret fineleaf sheep fescue
Froelichia gracilis (Hook.) Moq. Slender snake-cotton
Glaucium flavum Crantz Yellow hornpoppy
Glossostigma diandrum (L.) Kunze Mudmats
Glyceria maxima (Hartman) Holmburg Reed mannagrass
Heracleum mantegazzianum Sommier & Levier Giant Hogweed
Hydrilla verticillata (L. f.) Royle Hydrilla
Hydrocharis morsus-ranae L. Common frogbit
Impatiens glandulifera Royle Ornamental jewelweed
Lepidium latifolium L. Tall pepperweed
Lonicera japonica Thunb. Japanese honeysuckle
Lonicera maackii (Rupr.) Maxim. Amur honeysuckle
Microstegium vimineum (Trin.) A. Camus Japanese stilt grass
Miscanthus sacchariflorus (Maxim.) Franch. Amur silvergrass
Mycelis muralis (L.) Dumort. Wall-lettuce
Myriophyllum aquaticum (Vell.) Verdc. Parrotfeather
Myriophyllum heterophyllum Michx. Two-leaf water-milfoil
Myriophyllum spicatum L. Eurasian water-milfoil
Najas minor Allioni Brittle waternymph
Nymphoides peltata (Gmel.) Kuntze Yellow floating heart
Paulownia tomentosa (Thunb.) Sieb. & Zucc. ex Steud. Princess tree
Phellodendron amurense Rupr. Amur corktree
Pistia stratiotes L. Water lettuce
Polygonum perfoliatum L. Mile-a-minute vine
Potamogeton crispus L. Curly-leaved pondweed
Pueraria montana (Lour.) Merrill Owhi Kudzu
Ranunculus ficaria L. Fig buttercup
Rorippa amphibia (L.) Bess. Great yellowcress
Rubus phoenicolasius Maxim. Wineberry
Salix cinerea L. Large gray willow
Salvinia molesta Mitchell Giant salvina
Senecio jacobaea L. Tansy ragwort or Stinking Willie
Trapa natans L. Water chestnut