Plant Diseases/Pests
:: Tansy Ragwort (Senecio jacobaea )
May 2003
:: Hydrilla (Hydrilla verticillata)
November 2001
:: Plant Diseases/Pests

The Plant Diseases/Pests page provides access to alerts (from non-IPANE sources) regarding invasive organisms that can harm native vegetation.

Ramorum Blight (Sudden Oak Death): Phytophthora ramorum

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Website

The California Oak Mortality Task Force Website

US Department of Agriculture Pest Alert Page

USDA Pest Information

A pest alert from the Massachusetts Introduced Pests Outreach Project (12/6/2004)

Emerald Ash Borer and Asian Long horned Beetle

Firewood Pests Alert from the USDA (pdf format)

Asian Longhorned Beetle invasive alert from The Nature Conservancy