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red sesbania

Sesbania punicea (Cav.) Benth.

Invasive Plant Atlas

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Record ID:2062596
Location:Covington County, Alabama
Source:Nancy Loewenstein , Auburn University
Project:EDDMapS Home
Habitat:Edge: Roadside
Abundance:Scattered Plants
Locality:Not sure of the exact location, as I can't locate it on this map. Plants were growing on the side of the road (Hwy 29) at forest edge, near Sea Holly Road (a couple of miles east of the Auburn Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center). Fairly wet area, with several small ponds/wampy areas nearby.
Area Infested:10 sq feet
Gross Area:10 sq feet
Coordinates:31.14825, -86.65103
phenology:In Flower
Canopy Cover:Moderate
Identification Credibility:Credible
Observation DateApril 25, 2012
Date EnteredApril 27, 2012
Validator: Nancy Loewenstein
Validation Date::May 14, 2012
Verification Method: Expertise
Date Updated: April 27, 2012
Source Type: Web Report